Orlando SEO Expert.

I have well over 14 years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Digital marketing experience. I own a successful Orlando SEO company as well as a content / copywriting company and thrive on helping businesses grow their online presence and getting their web sites found in Google when it matters the most.

I offer SEO training courses in Orlando, SEO & Marketing workshops for businesses and am available to speak at your next tradeshow / convention, etc.. To learn more about how I can help your business and it’s digital presence, please give me a call.  In Orlando, (407) 830-4550, Nationwide: 866-471-4748 or fill out my contact form here.

Social Media, Google, Facebook & All Things TECH Expert.

When your brand needs a guest speaker or digital marketing consultant, please consider giving me a call. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at several trade shows, conventions, have established several fruitful consulting relationships and have had a ton of media exposure on NBC, FOX, CCTV, USAToday, CFNews13, CW18, The Daily Buzz and more. My core area of expertise is Google, Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Channels & all things consumer Tech. Call me at 407-830-4550 xt. 100 to discuss your needs or fill out my contact form here.

I’ll help your business define your SEO & Internet marketing objectives and help you implement a solid plan of attack to gain more web site visitors, increase online visibility and track your results.

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In The News

Tom Jelneck, has been invited and appeared on My Fox Orlando 35 over 100 times, has appeared on WESH, NBC, as well as The Daily Buzz, a National Morning TV Show located here in Orlando, Florida. Tom is also heard on the air waves on News Talk 580 WDBO AM and is a frequent speaker / presenter at area conventions and tradeshows.

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  • Toxic Profits.
    “I need this web site / marketing package below 10,000 but need it to attract at least 10 leads day.” “You need to be able to do this job on a shoestring budget.” “We don’t currently have funds allocated for this marketing plan, so see what you can do.” “My brother in law can do […]
  • The Cheapest.
    We had a prospect call up recently and ask, “What’s The Cheapest price that you can do for SEO & All Of My Digital Marketing?” After my sales guy shared the story with me, I started to reflect on the word cheap. Here’s what comes to mind: - Cheap is the feeling that you just […]
  • Now That’s Using Your Head. Apple Files new Patent.
    What will they think of next? Are your fingers getting a strenuous workout swiping from left to right on your digital devices?  If Apple has it’s way, you’ll soon be giving those weary fingers a rest simply by using your head to navigate through your Barry Manilow or Celine Dion song catalog on your IPod […]
  • Google Buys Slick Login : Could Change The Way We Use Passwords.
    Google has been acquiring small startups left and right lately, but one purchase they just made could be the start of something huge. Israeli based company Slick Login was founded by three former Israeli Defense security experts. They saw a huge need / opportunity to create a less annoying, cumbersome way of logging into accounts […]
  • The Battle Of The Streaming Video.
    People are getting really, really, really sick of their cable providers. They’re sick of a few things, the first thing is the price. What started out as a ‘sweet deal’ for only $24.95 suddenly blossoms into $112.43 once you receive the first bill. There are state taxes, federal taxes, basket weaving taxes, offshore money laundering […]

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